June 12, 2024

Meeting kind and clever souls from all walks of life is one of the great joys of this job. What can oftentimes feel lonely, one of the great perks is meeting families, hearing their stories and witnessing their love.

Enter the Kus family. This was our third session together and it was a joy to photograph them having just moved in to their beautifully renovated home in Rye, and with their newest addition, baby Archie. We spent most of our time chatting all things family, home reno’s and life on the peninsula. The rest of the time was spent out in the veggie garden, cuddles on the back deck and a run under the sprinkler. And photos, of course. In-home session for the WIN! Truly grateful.

A note to families – winter is well and truly here, and I am thankful to be booking more in-home sessions again! If you have hesitated in booking an in-home session – don’t! Let this be a reminder to you that you do not need a beautiful or magazine worthy home. You don’t need large windows, pouring light into every room. You don’t need all the latest trendy indoor plants, or fancy schmancy artwork. All I need is a floor, or a bed, a small window, and you being you with your loved ones.

I’m now booking sessions all the way up to December, so if you’re keen to get your loves together for a spot of family fun before the end of the year, please get in touch!

Danielle x