November 16, 2023

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I am a HUUUUGE advocate of getting your photos printed. It makes me squeal with excitement when my gorgeous clients tag me in images of their beautiful photos on the walls! I TRULY believe your most precious memories deserve a prized place in your home - where you can actually SEE THEM and ENJOY THEM and CELEBRATE THEM every day!

Which leads me to why I’m here. Printing! And more importantly, where should you get your photos printed?

There are so many online options for printing these days, it’s totally natural to get overwhelmed about who to trust with your treasured keepsakes. SO I’ve done a quick round up of some of the most common printing options for you, PLUS a test print with each so you can truly see the difference in price and quality.

Melbourne family photos

First thing's first. What printer do I recommend?

All print orders made through me are with Atkins. They’re a professional printing lab who have been around for a long LONG time, and I have never once been disappointed in the quality of the prints they’ve produced.

Now, I’ll admit this isn’t the most budget friendly choice, but these prints will outlast any other option AND look as close to how I edit as you can get. My computer screen is colour calibrated to be a true reflection of printed colours, which means the print quality and richness of colour you see in your digital images from me is the very same thing you’ll see on your walls when you get your prints back.

Put simply, they are PROS! And I trust them with every precious memory I have.

Now, let’s get into the other budget printing options, shall we?

I photographed the results and compered each printing option to Atkins.


Awful, just AWFUL! Nothing was close to being true, the colours were overly saturated, highlights blown out and images soft. On top of that, they were all pixelated. Pixelated!! You could see the printing lines, bringing out colours that weren’t even there in the first place, look closely to the top right image and you can just make out the 'rainbow' around Ellie. I would never print here. Ever.


Also awful. Pixelated, over saturated colours, and all lacking depth and shadows. Almost had a cheap magazine look. Eww. Please avoid. Please!


The middle ground, but still not at all recommended. Colours again were slightly over saturated, and perhaps slightly over exposed. The worst part was the lack of detail - everything was a little pixelated, almost looking like they were overcorrecting a soft image with missed focus.


Honestly, the best outside the professional option! The colours were pretty close, slightly on the cooler side if I’m being picky. The B&W was too cool, almost blue - yuck! The big downfall was the lack of detail, all the prints came out ‘soft’. The softest out of all.

Now, I have been told that Officeworks, like Teds and Kmart, are really dependant on the store. All printers are a little different so it's a gamble! And none of my reviews here include the fact that these images will not last over time. Due to the elements (sunlight etc) they will fade. Professional printers have the knowledge and skill to print quality images that last decades.

Invest in your memories

I totally get why the budget options might seem more favourable - especially at times like these! But please trust me. If you’re investing in a professional shoot of your most loved people, your investment really deserves the print quality to match. I promise you it is SO SO WORTH it to invest in high quality prints. You are doing your gorgeous images a complete disservice if you settle for grainy, pixelated, washed out prints. Plus you’ll be super excited to collect your prints, only to be heartbroken at what you receive, nothing like what you saw on your computer screen. Nobody wants that!

I care SO much about printing that all my packages include a print credit to give you a head start on professional quality prints. And I’m always here to answer any printing questions you have!

Danielle x

P.S please don’t stop tagging me in your print photos - I LOVE TO SEE THEM!