October 19, 2023

Can you feel that friends? Summer is just around the corner! And I am thrilled to have opened my books for summer sessions.

It’s one of my most popular times of the year, and I bet you don’t need to guess why! The weather is warm and glorious (perfect for an outdoor session by the water’s edge), and daylight savings means golden hour runs a little later so there’s no crazy rush to beat the sunset.

The light is lovely, and things just feel lighter and brighter at this time of year! Which usually makes for relaxed parents and joyful kiddos. It’s like holidays, even just for an afternoon!!

Of course, we have all the fun of Christmas and New Year to get around, which means these summer sessions get snapped up real fast!

Some quick summer FAQs:

Do I have to book an outdoor beach session in the summer?
No! You can still squeeze in an in home session, or come visit me at my studio!

What time do outdoor sessions start in summer? Will my kids be up late?
Outdoor summer sessions usually start at 7-7:30pm and run to 8:30pm at the latest. It does mean baby bed time might be a little later than usual, but with lots of snacks, toys and cuddles we can make it through. I promise you it’s worth it, and, the kids have FUN!

I don’t live near the Peninsula but would love a summer session at a beach near me. Do you travel?
Heck yes! I love visiting you and discovering gorgeous new locations! Send me an email and let’s chat!

What should you wear for a summer session?
The most important thing is that you’re COMFORTABLE! I’ve written a blog post about how to dress for a photography session, and all the same things apply regardless of the weather! You can read it
HERE. You’ll also have access to my client wardrobe for your session too!

Any other questions? Let me know! These dates do fill up super fast, so if you’re thinking about a little frolic with your family in the summer sun (or you’re expecting a new babe in the new year!) please do get in touch!!

Danielle x