May 10, 2023

When it comes to welcoming a new babe, there’s plenty to wonder about. Who will they be? Whose eyes will they have? Will they fit into 00000 or 0000?

You might also be wondering about how to document that special time… and to that I say GOOD NEWS! I can tell you!

I’m here to answer some of my most frequently asked questions to put your mind at ease about all things newborn photography (shared alongside this newborn session with Paris, Murray and baby Sonny, which I have been SO excited about!).

Let’s start at the start. When do I book a newborn session?
Booking a newborn session is a little different to my other sessions, because we can’t predict exactly when baby will arrive! So what we do is essentially an open dated session – we pencil in your due date, and once bubba arrives we schedule your session for real. I always recommend getting in touch to book your newborn session when you’re in your first or second trimester. This reduces the likelihood of missing out on securing a spot for when bubba comes along.

How long after baby is born should we expect to book in?
I always say 7-10 days is ideal for those beautiful sleepy, squishy newborn photos. This might feel a little soon but if you’re prepared beforehand (more on this to come!) then all you have to think about is loving on your new babe!
Some families choose to wait a bit longer which is totally okay! We can play it by ear once baby has arrived as there is no hard and fast rule. It depends entirely on how you’re feeling and the kinds of moments you want to capture.

How do I prepare for my newborn session?
For an in-home newborn session we tend to stick to the main bedroom, baby’s room and the lounge room…and anywhere there is good light! So you can save your tidying up for those key areas, and we can always do a little tidy or move some things if I find a space that will be perfect for photos once I’m there (please don’t worry about any other mess though, I’m a mum too, you don’t need a picture perfect home for me!).
You’ll see in Sonny’s session we made the most of Paris and Murray’s home, and since it was so dark we mainly stuck to the windows. It was perfect!
The only other thing to prepare is your outfits, which I can help with too. When you book with me you’ll get access to my online Client Guide, which gives you some tips and ideas on what to wear. You’ll also have access to my Client Wardrobe for mum and bubba, which includes a bunch of gorgeous outfits – easy! Having your outfits ready before baby is due makes preparing for your session a breeze!

We are renting/staying with family/renovating/about to move, do you have other options other than a home location?
I get this question often and honestly I promise you that I can shoot anywhere there is a window. I did an entire session on the kitchen floor once and it was just as beautiful as any other newborn session. But, of course there are other options too! We can book you in for an outdoor sunset session, and I have so many beautiful location options across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. These sessions certainly have a different look and feel about them but they are still amazing!
Of course, if you’d still prefer to stay indoors (especially during the cooler months) then keep your eyes peeled for something new I’ll be offering very soon!
I also want to remind you that the perfect home for baby photos is the one you already have. It’s you that makes it special, and I’d be so thrilled to visit you wherever you are.

Do you bring swaddles/wraps with you?
Yes!! I have a beautiful collection of wraps, swaddles and knitted blankets which I bring along to all newborn sessions. I also have a hand-picked newborn wardrobe that includes rompers, bonnets, booties, bloomers and bodysuits which always comes with me to my newborn sessions – all included in your session fee. On top of all things baby, I also have a client wardrobe for mums which you can browse for something beautiful!

What if my baby doesn’t settle during the session?
Don’t panic mama, we’ll wait. We stop for lots of cuddles and milk breaks. Sometimes it takes 3 hours, sometimes it’s done in under 90 minutes. I’ve been doing newborn sessions for six years now and have never needed to reschedule because of an unsettled bubba.

When should I feed my baby?
I know it’s not always easy to plan your schedule in those early days, but if you can squeeze in a feed before your session it can be super helpful. It helps baby (and mama!) relax, and makes for deliciously milk-drunk, sleepy babes. Of course, we’ll just roll with whatever the day gives us! And if you’re feeding during the session, that’s gorgeous too.

Have I missed anything? Let me know! I’m available to answer your questions anytime via email or DM. I hope to see you for a newborn session one day soon.

Danielle x