December 31, 2022

Oh my 2022!

(Finally a good one!)

I am so happy to write about the year that has passed. Making it through 2022 with overwhelming relief to have had a, for lack of a better word, ‘normal’ year again. But 2022 hasn’t really been all that normal. It has been filled with blessings, magic, dreams that have come true…whatever you want to call it, it has been a good one!

Every year I take a quick moment to practice gratitude (ref. Brene Brown’s The Gifts Of Imperfection) so here’s what I’m grateful for in 2022.

…Disney World! No surprises that this has to be first. You may remember we needed to cancel out trip while we were mere days away from departure in March 2020. I really did wonder if we would ever actually make it but thankfully this October it happened. Two weeks at the parks and 1 week on a cruise, it really was a trip of a lifetime (one that I cannot wait for a redo lol). Highlights included sunrise over the castle, seeing Cruz’s face light up at the Jurassic Park gates, endless cuddles with my sweet nephew, my Mum screaming all the way down Big Thunder Mountain and the overpriced beach cabana at CocoCay. It was totally worth it!

…other fun getaways. With travel back on the cards we were able to enjoy a few smaller trips this year; Daylesford, Ballarat, three quick caravan trips, Falls Creek, Gold Coast & Byron and my solo trip with the kids to Uluru. Uluru easily topped the others and is by far my favourite place to visit in Australia. There’s something so special about it, I can’t explain it in words. It just feels like MAGIC. It is a must do for everyone!

…a house move. Yesss! It always felt like a bit of a pipe dream, but like others 2020 left us stepping back and re-evaluating things. We felt the pull to the ocean, to slowness and to family. We spent the following couple of years taking small steps towards the big dream and this year it all came together. We are now living 5 mins from the ocean, and even closer to family. These last six months have been the busiest we’ve ever had but it has all been well worth it. We are still pinching ourselves while we watch the sun set and listen to the birds sing in the evenings. It is BEAUTIFUL!

…turning 40. At the start of December I celebrated my birthday, farewelling my 30’s and welcoming my 40’s. I’ll be honest and say the last few years I’ve dreaded hitting 40 but I’ve come to a place where I’m so freaking happy to be here. I feel like I know myself better than ever, and I’m doing my best (it’s a working progress) at embracing all the fun and not so fun bits than come with age. And I’m pretty sure this is going to be my best decade yet!

…my biz turning 5! Goodness gracious. This business is like a child; time is slow in the early years, then suddenly they are all grown up and you wonder where your baby has gone. I’m so so proud of the last five years, where it started and how it’s grown. This year was super fun with sessions that took me to Daylesford, the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. And so many returning clients which is my fave part of the job. I am excited to see what the next five years have in store!

…my clients. You really are the best out there, you choose me time and time again, share my posts, tag me in yours and tell your friends about me. Thank you so much for your continued support, none of this would be possible without you!

…my tog community. It took 4 years of business and a pandemic to find my people in this community. I experienced failures, disappointment, loneliness. A reminder to those who are feeling the same to keep trying, keep reaching out, keep connecting. It takes time. But it’s totally worth the wait! Thanks for the calls, chats online and our weekend away, not to mention the support you have shown me. I love you all dearly.

…my family & friends. Thank you for your continued encouragement, thanks for checking in, thanks for telling others about me. To Matt, Cruz and Milly, you will always be my main source of inspiration, thank you for loving me always.

…and thankful to 2023. What highs and lows it brings, lessons to be learnt, people to meet and families to photograph. And plenty of glorious ocean swims.

Happy New Year friends!

Danielle x