May 4, 2022

I try really hard not to play favourites with my collections, but the Motherhood Collection really is somethin’ else.

An ode to motherhood. A celebration of the most soul-shaking, joy-making (sometimes heart-breaking) time of life there is.

It’s where we champion you and your babies, and document that special bond between a parent and all the little pieces of your heart (aka your kiddos!).

In my experience, it’s usually us mums that take most of the photos of our kids and family at home or out and about. So this collection is all the more special for the way it gets mum into picture.

How glorious is it to see Kerry here, loving on her beautiful babies?

I want to see you in more pictures with your kids too. The photos I have with Cruz and Milly are some of my most prized possessions. If you’ve just got pictures of your kids with your partner on your camera roll, please come and book a session with me!!

I’m booking May – August right now (hello Mother’s Day gifts!!) and let me tell you, there’s no better time to have a cosy in-home session with your little loves than during winter.

Any questions? Keen to chat? You know where to find me.

Danielle x