April 11, 2022

Not a babe or a belly in sight for this amaaaazing session with Ellen and Fini, who just wanted to celebrate their love for their 10 year anniversary. I don’t do couples sessions very often, but it’s so wonderful to explore a love story that doesn’t centre around a bump or your delightful crew of kiddies.

I think we often focus so much on family sessions we forget who we started our family with, and the importance of capturing that. I always get photos of partners together in all of my family sessions, but a dedicated couples session is extra spesh!

I loved this session so much (in case you can’t tell, haha!!), and it even got me fourth place in the Portraiture category in the Voice Image Collection in 2021, plus a listed finalist for Colour Theory. I’m so proud of how beautifully it came to life.

With Ellen a photographer too, we were able to brainstorm some really lovely ideas before we had our time together. I love getting creative with my families, and always welcome collaboration so we can make some real magic!

If you’re a loved up couple wanting to celebrate all that you are, please get in touch. This is your official reminder that you don’t need to be rocking a baby bump or have your littles in tow to book some time with me. 

Danielle x