February 10, 2021

Meeting so many babes and their parents, I get to hear my fair share of baby names! And I’m always struck by how lovingly and carefully they’re chosen, each representing the first chapter in a new story of life.

So when I met mister Oaklan River here, you bet I was curious about the way his story begins.

Oaklan means strength, solidity and longevity, and the ability to survive in all terrains. While River means a place of gathering in cheerfulness and prosperity. Such a thoughtful, beautiful name don’t you think?! And the very beginning of Oaklan’s identity.

As I spent my morning with Oaklan and his siblings, I couldn’t help but notice the strength and resilience he had already brought to his family in such a short time, not to mention the joy! He has been a wonderful gift, and our session together certainly felt like a gathering of cheerfulness.

I’ve photographed Tim and Stacey (who happen to be lovely friends of ours!) and their beautiful brood more times than I can count now, but this one topped them all.

Thanks for having me again you guys! We love you loads!

Danielle x