February 3, 2021

I love big families. Being invited into the wild, loud and blissfully chaotic home of sprawling limbs and mischievous grins is always such a treat. So you can imagine my delight when Rachel reached out to let me know her merry band of boys was growing by one more!

The first time I photographed these guys was before I’d even officially launched my business, back when we were celebrating the arrival of their third son Max.

Now here they are almost 3 years later, this time celebrating the addition of Joshua, the last little man to join their happy fam. And I tell you what, it feels like it’s gone by in the blink of an eye!

Nothing makes me appreciate the passage of time like repeat visits with beautiful families like the McGregors, especially when there’s a whole new little person to get to know every time I come back. Each new addition rewrites the story of a family completely, while also making it feel more full, more complete, more whole.

Looking at this rambling clan of gorgeous boys I cant help but wonder the stories that await them too – who they’ll be, what they’ll do, where they’ll go from here. If I’m lucky, I might get to find out.

To Rachel, Dave, Evan, William, Max and Josh, thank you for letting me into your home and your lives to capture that heart-bursting love you have for each other. I’m as grateful to you today as I was when you took the leap with me all those years ago.

Danielle x