November 19, 2020

My calendar is filling up pretty fast now that our beautiful city is slowly coming back to life, and seriously, nothing is bringing me more joy than thinking about all of the fabulous families that’ll soon be in front of my lens.

But it also got me thinking about all the families who might still be putting off booking a session for one reason or another (trust me when I say I’ve heard them all!). So I’ve put together the top 6 myths and misconceptions that I find hold most people back from booking, in the hopes I might be able to reach out and give anyone reading this the reassuring (digital) hand on the shoulder they may need to feel confident about getting in touch.

  1. I need to have a photogenic home Absolutely not true! Your home is the perfect place for a family session purely because it’s yours. It doesn’t have to be something out of a magazine spread to look beautiful in a photo, and it doesn’t even have to be light, bright and airy like Instagram might lead you to believe. In fact, I once documented a family in their home where the only spot bright enough to shoot in was by the back door. So guess what? We did the whole session there and it was BEAUTIFUL! You can check it out here.
  2. I need to have a great wardrobe False! You just need to dress like you. I promise! I’ve written a post on how to dress for a family session, and I also give my clients a heap of useful tips as part of my welcome guide when they book. It’s much more intimidating in your mind than in real life (again, promise!!), and I’ll be with you every step of the way to help you choose something that is equal parts comfortable and true to your personality. PLUS I even have the beginnings of a client wardrobe happening, so you can borrow something you love without having to buy.
  3. I need to get photos taken as soon as my baby is born Nope! You know who gets to decide when you have family photos taken? YOU! You can book a session at absolutely any stage of your parenting journey, from round belly bump to newborn babe, or roly poly 6-month-old to squishy toddler. Plenty of my families wait a few weeks or even months before they book in, and it’s always glorious when they do. Take a peek at these sessions here and here.
  4. I should wait until I’m 100% confident in front of the camera This one I totally empathise with. Being in front of the camera is nerve wracking for anyone, let alone a mama that’s just given birth or who might be right in the thick of juggling all-of-the-things and not quite feeling like her best self. If you want to wait a while, you won’t get any pressure from me. But I do want to gently encourage you to let go of the voices in your brain that might be telling you you have to look or be a certain way before you can have your photo taken. These moments of early parenthood are so fleeting, and I know your future self will be so glad to be able to look back and celebrate everything you are right now.
  5. I’ll take heaps of photos on my phone Okay, so this one is definitely true. You WILL take heaps of photos on your phone (hello iCloud storage) but not even portrait mode can help you capture that golden glow of new parenthood like a family photoshoot can! Plus, I want YOU to be in the photo mama. If I’ve learned anything from taking photos of families for the last [X] years, it’s that mum is always the photo taker and rarely actually in the pictures herself. Let’s celebrate you too, shall we?
  6. Family photoshoots are for people with lots of followers on social media False again! There’s nothing showy about getting photos of you and your family. My job is to help you preserve a moment in time that you can cherish and look back on with great love for many years to come. Your photos are for you – you don’t need to share them anywhere or with anyone – and the only statement they make about you is that you love your family and want to celebrate it.

If you’ve found yourself having any or all of these doubts, or you have any other questions that might be stopping you from booking the session of your dreams, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m all ears, always, and I’d be so glad to put you at ease. Email me anytime at hello@danielledobson.com.au

Danielle x