November 6, 2020

It’s amazing how many sessions have taken on a new meaning for me in light of everything that’s gone down in 2020.

Travel has always been a wonderfully exciting prospect, but now the thought of any time spent overseas feels like the kind of exhilarating adventure that only exists in dreams. So when I look at this gallery of the Condon family and think about them relocating to Thailand, taking 6 whole months off to travel, explore and courageously take on the world together, I’m just in awe.

Remember a time when we could do that?! Who knows how long it’ll be till that time comes round again.

That’s the beautiful thing about photos. While your memories will remain the same – preserved and golden in an impenetrable little bubble of love – the way you look back on them changes, ever evolving depending on where you are and what your life looks like at any given moment.

Even driving across the bay to meet these guys in Torquay feels like a distant adventure! Where was the last place you travelled, do you remember?

Here’s to adventuring together again very soon, friends. Wild and carefree, just like the Condon family.

Danielle x