January 16, 2020

One of the questions I get asked *all the time* when my gorgeous clients book in a session with me, is “what on earth do I wear?!” I love helping my couples and families with dressing for a shoot, especially when it comes to a newborn or maternity session when the body confidence might not be quite what it used to be, or the clothes you love just aren’t fitting like they used to.

It’s something we’ll chat about in length before the big day comes (you can even send me outfit pics if you like!) and I always love for my clients to feel prepared, relaxed and most importantly, themselves.

With so many of my lovely families absolutely *nailing* their photoshoot dressing lately, I thought it was a great time to remind you of my top tips for dressing for a session.


The obvious place to start! I love to get my couples to stick with neutral tones and choose outfits in similar shades of the same colour. Browns, tans, mustards, creams or all whites like the gorgeous Kelly and David here, loving on their brand new baby girl Meredith.


Layering patterns and textures in the way you dress is another gorgeous and effective way to bring a family shoot together. Chunky knits, lovely light linens, flowy patterned dresses. Repetition is key here – everyone doesn’t need to be wearing the exact same outfit, but similarities in materials will make it all feel like one perfect little picture.


Oh so important! I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, or conscious of your movements or appearance. The way you dress should make you feel comfortable and relaxed enough to move freely and enjoy the time you spend with your little (or growing!) fam.


Be you! The last thing I want is for you to feel like you have to rush out and get a whole new wardrobe just to fit in with what you *think* you should look like on camera. Dress in something you LOVE and I promise you it will show. You might have a favourite piece, something that makes you feel just GREAT. Start with that and build the rest of your family’s outfits around it – use it as a starting point for colour or texture or both!


Blankets, baby wraps, linen sheets, greenery, picnic rugs, all of the things! These are all wonderful places to start when taking inspiration for your colour and texture choices. Are there elements you can pick up on and enhance in the way you dress? Colours you can match to? Textures you can layer? Start with these if you’re stuck and you’ll get a beautiful, complete snapshot of your tribe every time. Kelly and David had the most divine, earthy coloured wraps for baby Meredith and they were offset so perfectly with crisp whites and floaty linens!


Lastly, where are we shooting?! Can we play on the sandy tones of our beautiful coastline, or perhaps the lush and grassy meadows dotted with wildflowers? Or are we shooting at your home where you have a beautifully coloured couch/rug/piece of art? Think about your environment and what elements you can pick up and accentuate in your clothing choices. Kelly and David’s home was beautifully styled with neutral tones and greenery, which suited their white/tan/denim outfits perfectly.

So there you have it friends! My top tips for dressing for your next session and pulling together outfit options for the rest of your tribe. Follow these simple steps and you’ll never be nervous about being in front of the camera again!

Danielle x