January 13, 2020

If I’ve learnt anything from the harrowing start we’ve had to 2020, it’s the true value of a memory. Those deeply precious moments preserved and guarded fiercely by our hearts. If we ever needed a reminder that these love filled days with our little ones are as indescribably wonderful as they are irreplaceable, this is it.

Amy and her gorgeous baby girl Eva need no reminder though, because this is already the third time I’ve photographed this beautiful duo – once when Eva was still in her mummy’s tummy, twice when she was just a few days old, and again here, at 14 months, during an extra special Motherhood session over the holidays.

I know we say it all the time mamas, but it seems all the more relevant now. Time really does go *so* fast when there are little people around. And with every passing milestone, and things in the world changing around us every day, those early days and weeks and months blend into one blissfully blurry baby bubble (that we all wish we could go back to, I’m sure!).

It’s my great joy to help you remember the intricacies of it all (the utter privilege of which isn’t lost on me, I promise you!) – those teeny tiny details that fill every inch of your heart. And not just the way your baby is changing mama, but the way you are too. Nothing is ever the same for long.

You might not be able to buy time, but you can preserve it. If you know a mama that deserves to be celebrated, or you’re feeling like I am and just want to squeeze your babies tight right now, think about booking a Motherhood session this year. It’s truly the most wonderful way to celebrate and treasure this extraordinary time of life.

Send me an email at hello@danielledobson.com.au or visit my contact page to book your place.

Danielle x