December 5, 2019

Do you recognise these gorgeous faces? It’s the beautiful Considine family, who you might remember from their stunning Flinders session last summer. They travel up to Byron Bay a couple of times a year to chase the sun, so as soon as they heard I’d be up there too, we all just knew we had to do another magical session with the whole family.

Now you all know how much I *love* to travel (it’s my second favourite thing to do after taking gorgeous photos!), so if you’re planning a little trip with your fam, please invite me!! I’ll honestly travel ANYWHERE, and the joy of joining you and your special people on holidays is a joy like nothing else. You know those pre-shoot nerves I always talk about? Gone when you’re away. Holidays = relaxed, playful, happy families that just enjoy each other’s company and get to focus on making the most wonderful memories. And who wouldn’t want a snapshot of that to take home?! (Even if only to remind you to take more holidays, ha!!). And the holiday timing for the Considine’s couldn’t have been more perfect, with baby Jude celebrating his very first journey around the sun. They decided to honour that special first year of being a family of six with a kombi ride through Byron to some of the most spectacular locations I’ve ever seen. Seriously, wow.

It was so much fun, and pure bliss to join this gorgeous family during such a treasured time away. Getting to photograph the same family more than once is always one of the greatest privileges of this job, but getting to witness them in that sun drenched holiday love bubble that only comes from being away? It’s really something else.

Take me back!!!

Danielle x