October 17, 2019

I’m always so overjoyed when a family reaches out to me to photograph the second or third (or even fourth or fifth!) little bundle to arrive in their lives. There’s so much anticipation and wonder around baby number one, and that often means baby showers, maternity sessions, ALL of the new baby things, newborn shoots, actual nursing attire (not just the stretched and stained old shirts, am I right mamas?!) and everything else you can think of that celebrates this new little miracle into your world.

So when the next little person comes along, and there’s still that same glorious fanfare? I’m all about it.

I wholeheartedly believe that every new life to join your family deserves the same heart-bursting pride-filled celebration that comes with the first, so you can bet when Sonia and Corey got in touch with not one, but THREE little munchkins in tow (including delicious baby Darcy) I was THRILLED.

Three times the sleepless nights, craziness and mess, but also three times the love and warmth and light (proven by miss Lacie singing sweet lullabies to her mum and baby brother at the end of the session – oh my heart!).

It can be *so* tricky to prioritise documenting this special time in your lives when you’ve already got your hands (and your hearts) so full, but these really are the best days, and I’d love to help you remember them.

Danielle x