July 10, 2019

Preparing to welcome a new little human into the world, whether it’s your first or your fourth, is an absolutely golden time of life. There are so many milestones – 12 weeks, 20 weeks (and every week thereafter!) new nursery, new clothes (for you and babe), new bumps, lumps and bits to love, new sounds and new smells (not always good ones), and of course new little fingers, new little toes and a new little heart to love. It goes so fast and so slow all at once, which is why I LOVE to help you remember those blurry days/weeks/months for years to come.

I recently got to help my bestie document her journey from bump to baby and it was pure bliss. We did my Hello Baby Collection, which features a 45 minute maternity session starring you in all your glowing glory, followed by a 90 minute newborn session for when bubs joins us earthside. I LOVE this collection – the continuity of storytelling is so special to me, and something my beautiful couples and families really cherish.

Have you got a little bundle on the way? You can find out more about my Hello Baby Collection here. I’d love to help you preserve this golden time in your life.

Danielle x