June 6, 2019

This newborn session with Alysa, Alex and baby Max felt like an absolute dream.

Oh, the complete and utter joy of bringing your first babe home. Of falling helplessly in love with this tiny new human that you’ve only just met but swear you’ve known a lifetime. Of watching your partner becoming a parent for the first time, and falling in love with them all over again (and again and again).

This session had it all and every time I look at these images I feel that familiar yearning for my own newborn days, back when everything is such a blur you feel like you really could be dreaming (and sometimes you probably are!).

But I wanted to let you in on a few things you can’t see in these images too. Alysa and Alex’s house was halfway through a huge renovations during their session, so we did the whole thing in just two rooms. Not to mention one very tired mama (and dad!) and all the other things you can expect when bringing a tiny person home for the first time – feeding and changing and feeding again on a schedule that’s completely out of your control.

So many of my lovely clients worry about these things – their homes not being ‘photo ready’, what they should wear, what if the kids misbehave or the baby cries the whole time, what if they really don’t want to be in front of the camera looking and feeling so tired – you name it, I’ve heard it! And I’m here to tell you that truly, none of these things matter. 

In fact it’s the mess and the madness, those tired eyes and milk stained tees that actually make your family session. They’re what makes your family yours, and I promise you when you see your photos, you’ll see the same thing you can see in Alysa and Alex’s images here – love. That’s all you need.

Your family is perfect, just the way you are.

Danielle x