February 20, 2019

‘Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things’
– Robert Brault

Sometimes I feel like I am striving to make big memories for my kids. Things like saving to book the next big holiday, planning days out or even planning for Christmas and making sure they get gifts that will make the morning the best it possibly can be.

But then I think back to all the favourite memories I have, they are full of the little in-between moments. End of day conversations, watching them play (and on the rare occasion, actually getting along!), cuddles while watching My Little Pony and kisses goodnight. This is what I ask every mother who books a session with me, ‘How do you feel most connected with each of your children?’. Wendy explained to me how she loves chats with her oldest, cuddles with her son and when her youngest daughter touches her face to get her full attention. So that’s what I looked for in this session, all those beautiful, dreamy, in-between moments.

Danielle x